Women destroy a McDonald’s after arriving too late to order breakfast

After arriving too late to order from the breakfast menu, two Philadelphia women proceeded to tear a McDonald’s restaurant apart. The women, who don’t appear to miss […]

Bus Driver What-for
NY City bus driver gives a fare-dodging youth the what-for; tries to throw him out bus door

Warning: Strong language This video shows a New York City bus driver who lost his cool when a young man wanted to take a free ride on […]

Sniper fire
Syrian child fakes sniper hit to save his sister

While still in the crosshairs, this very brave little boy played dead in order to rescue his sister, who was pinned down under sniper fire. He grabbed […]

Princess Leia
10 hours walking in New York as … Princess Leia?

10 hours walking in New York as … Princess Leia? We had 10 hours of walking in New York as a woman. And then 10 hours as […]

Mob attacks US troops in Turkey, tries to cover them with hostage hoods, ‘blood’ packets

The blood was fake this time. Three American sailors reportedly from the USS Ross who were making a visit to one of Turkey’s biggest tourist neighborhoods while […]

Worried border patrol agents say ‘what the hell’ as agency takes away their guns

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents complained that they have been stripped of thousands of M4 carbines because of a safety concern that could have been addressed […]

School district scraps ALL religious holidays under pressure from Muslims

In a decision prompted by complaints from Muslim families, the board of education in Maryland’s largest school district on Tuesday voted to remove all Christian and Jewish […]

Pat Sajak sets record straight about ‘storming off set’

It’s only a game show. But some folks seemed to have trouble keeping that in mind when talk of Pat Sajak‘s “storming” off the set of the […]

Conservative group’s funding pulled by Virginia Tech over illegal immigration event

A student group at Virginia Tech University had its funding axed after inviting conservative commentator Bay Buchanan to speak on campus about illegal immigration. The Student Budget Board […]

Obamacare architect take three: ‘A very clever . . . basic exploitation’ of the stupid American voter

The third time’s a charm, they say. Yet another video has surfaced, making it the third, of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber boasting about duping the American public […]

Best man confronts buddy’s wife in the act of cheating; posts video on Internet

Thanks to technology and the Internet, the dark and tangled web of cheating on a spouse or significant other can easily become a public spectacle. Witness the […]

Charlie Rangel says he thought ‘white cracker’ was a term of endearment; watch liberal host crack up

HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill burst out laughing when Harlem Democrat Charles Rangel tried to explain his use of the term “white crackers” when describing members […]