Megyn Kelly irate over video bragging about how easy it is to lie to stupid Americans

On Monday, as BizPac Review and others reported, a video surfaced  that showed one of the chief architects of Obamcare, Jonathan Gruber, admitting the administration intentionally lied to the American people into passing the controversial law.

While this should be the top story on every news program in the country it is getting very little play.

Former Geroge W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen was on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Monday night to discuss the video. Both Thiessen and Kelly were fired up and blasting Gruber for his cavalier attitude toward duping what he called “the stupidity of the American voter.”

In describing the video, Thiessen said, “Look at the self-satisfied look on his face. He thinks he’s a genius.”

“If you want to know how condescending this guy is, he actually wrote a comic book to explain Obamacare because, of course, we’re not smart enough to read chapter books,” Theissen said.

Kelly said she invited Gruber, an MIT health economist, on the show to defend himself but he wasn’t interested.

“You know what? We’re no longer interested in you, Mr. Gruber,” Kelly said. “And 28 Democrats who voted for that health care law just got fired by the American people because eventually they realized they had been lied to.”

Kelly called the video the “smoking gun” of the Obamacare lie and “the biggest self-indictment this administration has ever had.”

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