Glenn Beck, told he would lose all function in 10 years, describes his rare brain disease

In a moving monologue to his television audience on Monday, conservative talk show host and media entrepreneur Glenn Beck went public for the first time with health problems that nearly killed him.

During a deeply intimate talk on the “The Blaze,” the network he founded, Beck described how the illness that first started showing itself in 2008 was attacking the left side of his brain had endangered his media career and his life – and how he depended on his loved ones.

His show co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere would sometimes cover for him in mid-sentence, Beck said.

But his most emotional point came when he described how his wife, Tania, had to take care of him to the point where she buttoned his shirts and tied his shoes.

He was told he would have between five and 10 years before he lost the ability to function at all.

Beck said he reached the point where he asked God repeatedly if it was time to quit but always felt the answer was no.

After years of agony — sleeplessnes, phantom pain, seizures — and numerous visits to specialists, he found the Carrick Brain Centers in Irving, Texas.

There, he got a new lease on life.

Thanks to advances in medicine, the help of his wife and an unshakeable faith in God, Beck said, he is coming back from the near-disaster.

“I have reversed the process,” he  said.

But the experience taught him one lesson he probably thought he’d learned already.

“Boy, I’ll tell you, kids, it matters who you marry,” Beck said.

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