Burger bar owner gets death threats after mocking ‘Nazi-like’ vegans on Facebook

Tuk Tuk Restaurant

A burger shop owner in Australia has come under fire from the vegan community for comments he made on his restaurant’s Facebook page referring to them as Nazi-like.

Mark Clews, proprietor of Tuk Tuk restaurant, took to the social media site on Sunday after he received the store’s first vegan customer, reported news.com.au.

Tuk Tuk Facebook

“Well, we had our first ever vegan in yesterday, wearing a tie dyed T-shirt, I’m serious, didn’t matter that it was made in a Chinese sweat shop, but it was tie dyed, anyway it went as well as could be expected,” Clews wrote. “She was very disappointed that we didn’t have more vegan choices in a hamburger shop? But settled on the falafel burger without yoghurt and without butter.”

“Do not mess with the Vegans, EVER!!!!,” a woman said sarcastically in response to his diatribe.

“But they are so easy to mess with. They lack physical strength because of zero red meat in their diet! They are single-minded and Nazi-like in there conviction!” Clews responded.

Tuk Tuk Facebook

Clews told Daily Mail Australia that he is being attacked by vegans with “threats of violence” in light of his comments. He said that some had found his personal phone number and were calling late at night threatening to “slaughter you like you slaughter animals.”

“I’m worried for the safety of my family and workmates,” Clews told the Mail. “There are a lot of comments on Facebook saying there is going to be a delegation on Tuesday who are going to ‘flog the f***’ out of me.”

They are “Hezbollah-like in their hatred of people who eat meat,” he said.

He went on to describe himself as an animal lover who owns two pet pigs, a dog, horse, snakes and a parrot and allows possums and kangaroos to live on his land.

“It was a humorous anecdote. I was surprised by the indignation. If the girl is offended, I am sorry,” Clews said.

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