Police and Marines
Rare police body cam footage shows a street fight between officers and Marines

Two Marines say images captured by police body cameras show how they were assaulted by police officers while they were trying to help someone after a bar […]

Sadie in tears after judges rate her final dance

She was just too good to be true. “Duck Dynasty” darling Sadie Robertson wowed the judges Monday on “Dancing with the Stars,” scoring a perfect 40  with partner Mark Ballas […]

Cat and mouse
Killer cat dominates game of cat and mouse!

Nothing stands in this cat’s way, not even a huge metal grate. I’d feel sorry for the mouse if I wasn’t still scratching my head wondering how […]

Senator gets in tense battle with Fox and Friends over shocking video: ‘Don’t lecture me!’

A “Fox and Friends” interview with Maine Sen. Angus King got heated Tuesday morning when the so-called independent lawmaker started sounding like a Nancy Pelosi Democrat in […]

Woman licks reporter
Pretty woman licks tv reporter on election night

Maybe this is why voters oppose changing the marijuana laws: attractive ladies would get the munchies and try to eat reporters.

Police are planning to ‘kill us in the streets’ after verdict, says Ferguson activist

As the town of Ferguson, Mo., awaits an announcement from the grand jury about its decision whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting […]

Subway performer freaking
Spanish subway singer FREAKS out while performing on the train

Makes you long for the less awkward days of trying to avoid eye contract with the 11-member mariachi band that just entered your train car.

Florida Dillard’s forced to pull offensive holiday sign out of girls’ department

“Dear Santa, this year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix those two up like you did last year. […]

Fed-up Chick-fil-A manager makes list of banned slang; forces employees to speak proper English

This Chick-fil-A manager is fed up. Frustrated with restaurant employees who refuse to use standard English, the manager posted a list of slang words he prohibits his […]

Kelly File
Megyn Kelly irate over video bragging about how easy it is to lie to stupid Americans

On Monday, as BizPac Review and others reported, a video surfaced  that showed one of the chief architects of Obamcare, Jonathan Gruber, admitting the administration intentionally lied […]

G-20 leaders book rooms in Australia; guess who the biggest spender is?

The “Magic Wallet” is open again. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, among others, will all be attending the G-20 […]

minn school
Punishment of NON-WHITE students now requires district approval in Minneapolis

Hispanic and black students can no longer be suspended by a teacher or principal in Minneapolis. Is that reverse discrimination?   The suspension of non-white students in the […]