Single people banned from family theme park to prevent pedophilia

Imagine if this happened in America!

Matthew Richards, 54, and grandfather of three, happens to be a bird-lover. So much of a bird-lover that he traveled 25 miles to visit a falconry exhibition at Puxton Park outside of London last week and was denied admission as a potential pedophile.

Photo from Western Gazette, credit Clare Green

Richards was kept out because he was “unaccompanied,” and therefore considered a potential threat to children, according to the Western Gazette.

“I was amazed,” Richards told the Western Gazette. “I almost feel discriminated against.”

Puxton Park contends the rule banning singles from entering the park was contained on its website in the “prices” section, at the end of a long list, and after information on gift vouchers. In small print, the website states:

“We are sorry but we are unable to let single men or women without children into the park.”

Alistair Mead, managing director of Puxton Park, explained the rule has been in place since the park opened seven years ago. He said:

“We have not set out to discriminate against single adults but we take child protection extremely seriously.
We would rather be over zealous when unaccompanied adults visit us armed with cameras than put children at any potential risk…we have received nothing but praise for our policy including positive feedback from a Child Protection Specialist, who commended us for our child protection principals.”

Puxton Park is hosting a “Children in Need” event this week and Facebook follower Glen Hayes sarcastically asked “Can single adults turn up, or are they banned from helping you fundraise?”

Richards “almost” feels discriminated against … in America, he would “almost” be a millionaire after his lawsuit.


Lonnie K. Martens


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