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Reporter notices Obama’s Beijing summit outfit is missing important accessory

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He don’t need no stinking communication!

President Obama and a group of world leaders turned a global summit in Beijing into a “Star Trek” casting call Monday as a diverse group of fully grown white, black and Asian politicians decided to play dress up for the cameras in Beijing.

It’s apparently part of some kind of tradition where the host of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation summit outfits his guest in a “traditional” shirt indigenous to the country.

It’s supposed to promote cooperation, but it’s also kind of weird when you’ve got a president who even fans like Maureen Dowd compare to “Star Trek’s” Mr. Spock.

Fittingly, though, as sharp-eyed observers noted, Obama’s “uniform” was missing the standard Federation communications device. A guy who doesn’t listen to anyone — not even his own country’s voters — doesn’t need one of those things anyway.


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