Ferguson protesters put a $5000 bounty on Darren Wilson; donated by an investor

The so-called peaceful protesters, whose threats chased officer Darren Wilson into hiding, announced a bounty on his head Sunday.

You know, a peaceful bounty.

Angry “activists” are rallying people to riot, and they aren’t playing games. Here are part of the Twitter exchanges from Sunday:

Here’s a thought:

H/T: Nickarama

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335 thoughts on “Ferguson protesters put a $5000 bounty on Darren Wilson; donated by an investor

  1. joebabe says:

    What a surprise it will be if Wilson is cleared of wrong doing and the black community does not do what is expected. Imagine. a group of Black Panther types marching in silent protest…..no burning, looting, random beating of innocents. What a surprise if the agitator in chief called for a respectful protest march, free from racial invectives or violence. C’mon folks,remember when oboma said he thought our national anthem should be changed to “I’d like to teach the world to live in perfect harmony”. …….So Prez, what’s up with that? How about a little of that advice for Holder’s people.

  2. Tricia Anthone says:

    Hey, it should be SAFE to attack a police officer if your BLACK! That’s the deal! No wonder these people have turned a shiftless and criminally inclined, drug-addicted black felon into a MARTYR for the cause of “civil rights.”

    TODAY, if your skin is the right color, you have a civil right to infringe on others, steal, bully and physically attack any officer who attempts to stop you.

    This only applies if you’re black.

    So Fergusson will likely erupt again in “righteous” outrage when the officer who stopped this criminal-thug-turned-canonized-saint fails to be indicted by sane people. The grand jury was expected to weigh the case NOT against the LAW but against the new, “if I’m black I do any goddamn thing I please and you can’t stop me” sensibility being promulgated from the HIGHEST law-enforcement office in the country.

    Holder is not qualified for his job – he cannot get passed his own skin in order to enforce law. Everything is about his damned skin-color and that attitude has been embraced by the racists of Fergusson.

  3. elscotem says:

    Maybe everyone should change the name of the city of Ferguson, to Islam due to its peaceful and loving nature.

  4. Brian K EyeRappino says:


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