Ferguson protesters put a $5000 bounty on Darren Wilson; donated by an investor

The so-called peaceful protesters, whose threats chased officer Darren Wilson into hiding, announced a bounty on his head Sunday.

You know, a peaceful bounty.

Angry “activists” are rallying people to riot, and they aren’t playing games. Here are part of the Twitter exchanges from Sunday:

Here’s a thought:

H/T: Nickarama

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335 thoughts on “Ferguson protesters put a $5000 bounty on Darren Wilson; donated by an investor

  1. UpLateAgain says:

    This is a clear violation of Wilson’s civil rights, and the US Justice Department should be all over it. A bounty on a police officer indeed. I don’t see it happening while Holder is still Attorney General, but Loretta Lynch has a reputation for impartiality. I guess this will be a test of that theory once she takes office.

  2. Law Picks says:

    Hopefully all this will go away once this murderer Wilson indicted…We need to send a msg to all police that our citizens lives have value. I mean all police, not just the white ones…

    1. Brian Robinson says:

      Wow you really have all the facts.

  3. You all really think that this person was legitimate?

  4. Mera P. says:

    Can we please STOP talking about this already and fueling mass media’s blatant racebaiting? Not all Blacks picture Michael Brown as an innocent unarmed gentle giant nor Officer Wilson as a redneck racist. The latter did what he felt he had to in order to survive and since I couldn’t be paid highly enough to risk my life daily as a civil servant whom am I or anyone to judge him? Every single time a news worthy event occurs involving a minority mass media locates the most ignorant fools and puts them on tv about what went down regardless of if they know what they’re talking about or telling the truth. Then the two biggest black sheisters to ever live,Jackson and Sharpton, come running to cry racism and set the entire community back about 500 years. The vast majority of the minority community,those the media avoids like the plague,tends to have a more balanced view of such situations and cringe when events like this occur,because the negative behavior of a few harms us all socially and professionally. Just as there are these domestic terrorists ignoring the fact that 75% of the Black male population has had involvement with law enforcement making it far more likely Brown is to blame for his own death,there are others who want the justice system to do its’ job as tax dollars pay it to and the country as whole to move on to other more pressing issues. Black,White,Yellow,or Green if someone is bold enough to strong arm a store then get heroic when dealing with law enforcement doesn’t deserve much sympathy. I trust the justice system will act according to the evidence and not some vigilantes felonious threats.

  5. Lynntopia says:

    #RbG @BlackRebels_Stl Last I heard it is a felony to put a bounty on someone! Nothing but a bunch of hoodlums! Should take that money and get a life. Start a community group to help black youth NOT BECOME LIKE YOU! You are exactly what you claim not to be #racist, unproductive citizens that riot and loot. You will become more insignificant if this is the path you choose in life. The Country is VERY sick of you #Ferguson, well, the ones who even know what’s happening. Most could care less.

  6. Kimber Smith says:

    Even dogs know not to crap in their own yards. What up with the ghetto rats destroying their neighborhoods? The only thing I can think is it gives them a purpose for living. We all can imagine they are pretty depressed not having a purpose other than being a parasite to the good working peoples paychecks. Hint: A real job might give you a little sense of self-worth and pride.

  7. Paul Buroran says:

    Black on black murder rate at 93% (ignored by the Democratic Party) and free abortions (provided by The Democratic Party).

    The Democratic Party is so good at brainwashing and lying, that they’ve actually convinced blacks to become active participants in their own genocide.

    If Hitler were still alive, he would be turning green with envy.

  8. Paul Buroran says:

    President Lyndon Baines Johnson: I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.”

  9. Joe says:

    Why is every word deemed inappropriate posted on this site “flagged” by the board administrators; but the “N” word seems to be allowed for use by EVERY RACIST POS posting on this site. Ridiculous.

  10. attoyac says:

    I don’t get worried very often by threats and slurs from one group to another. But Obama has so racially divided this country, I am afraid Ferguson will turn into a blood bath. And Obama won’t have the cojones to do what GHW Bush did when Watts rioted — declare martial law and send in the National Guard.

    1. Joe says:

      Don’t blame President Obama for the racists that have crawled out from under their rocks. Racism existed way before President Obama was elected. It just that some of you had the luxury of not CARING.

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