Low-class: Obama golfs with the usual cronies, brushes off GOP with ‘a six-pack of WH ale’

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Photo Source Washington Examiner

With speculation of peace talks between President Obama and the new Republican-led Congress, you’d think Obama would invite avid golfer House Speaker John Boehner to his regular weekend game.

Alas, it was not to be, according to the Washington Examiner.

Obama put on a happy face for the cameras when he invited GOP leaders to the White House for a Friday lunch. The president talked of improving the strained relationship, even if it means “letting John Boehner beat me again at golf.”

And yet, there was Obama, on the links Saturday with the usual White House staffers,  the Examiner reported.

“Crazy that Obama is playing golf already,” an unnamed GOP leadership aide said, according to the Examiner. “Not surprising that he doesn’t invite Boehner. I’m sure Boehner is better than he is, and we know Obama never likes to actually be challenged.”

A former aide added: “Maybe the president wanted to avoid going down in GOP defeat twice in one week.”

The Hill reported earlier this year that Obama called Boehner and Vice President Joe Biden “two of my favorite golf partners,” though he conceded both were better at the game, saying “in each instance, they have to give me strokes.”

As a possible consolation, Republican leaders were seen brown-bagging it when they left Friday’s lunch. It turns out they were toting a “six-pack of White House ale brewed on the White House grounds,” the Examiner reported.

Your tax dollars hard at work. But, typical of most efforts by this president, the gesture “fell a little flat,” a Republican aide said.

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