Caught on video: Deputy slaps man during gun call, ‘I’ll rip your head off and s*** down your neck’

Reaffirming the public’s growing suspicion of police officer behavior in a viral video world, recent footage is calling into question a New York cop’s conduct during a routine traffic stop.

The video, published on InfoWars.com, shows Saratoga County Deputy Shawn Glans threatening and cursing at a retail store shopper, seemingly for no reason.

Adam Roberts told InfoWars.com that he and his friend, Colin Fitch, were stopped by deputies while shopping at a Walmart store. The officers forced the pair to present identification, then escorted them to their car and quizzed them about a .22-caliber rifle in the backseat.

Fitch told the officers that he had purchased the rifle earlier that day and was of legal age to own it. That’s when the situation took a dramatic turn.

Glans demanded that Fitch turn over the keys, then grabbed him out of the view of a video camera Roberts was surreptitiously using to record the encounter. Glans said, “You want to resist,” before the sound of a slap rang out.

Glans then called Fitch an “a—hole” and told Roberts he could “rip your f——-g head off and s—t down your neck.”

The pair was released after Fitch showed the officer a receipt for the weapon.

This is not Glans’ first run-in with negative publicity, according to Carlos Miller of Photography Is Not A Crime.

In 1999, town of Wilton and Saratoga County was ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages after Glans smashed head-on into a father of six at almost triple the speed limit while responding to a 911 call, leaving the man paralyzed and blind.

Glans admitted to the Times Union that he wouldn’t have treated Fitch and Roberts the same way if he knew he was being filmed. That’s further proof that police should be required to wear body cameras.

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