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Obama commits U.S. military to border security efforts … but not in America

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President Barack Obama committed U.S. military forces to border security Wednesday, calling it his “No. 1 focus.”

Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking about the U.S. border with Mexico, but the border between Iraq and Syria.

Obama said renewed efforts to strengthen the border were necessary to prevent dangerous militants from crossing between the countries at will, according to Real Clear Politics.


Obama made the remarks after being asked whether the United States was winning the war against Islamic State militants. The short answer: It’s too soon to tell.

But this president is not known for short answers. Toward the end of what Real Clear Politics transcribed as an eight-paragraph response, he said:

“And what we’re doing in Syria is, first and foremost, in service of reducing ISIL’s capacity to resupply and send troops and then run back in over the Syrian border, to eventually re-establish a border between Iraq and Syria so that, slowly, Iraq regains control of its security and its territory.

“That is our No. 1 mission. That is our No. 1 focus.”

In other words, controlling national borders is important to Iraq’s security and territorial integrity, but the same strategy isn’t necessary to protect America’s interests?

Maybe when they’re done over there, Iraq could come help us with our borders.

Watch the video below, via Real Clear Politics:


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