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He’s Obama’s ‘boy’; Sharpton invited to counsel Obama after election loss

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Washed-up TV personality and professional race baiter Al Sharpton has been busy this week. After the Democrats’ embarrassing midterm defeat, President Obama’s go-to guy was summoned to the White House to offer some advice.

With the Democrats’ humiliation at the polls Tuesday, you’d expect the president to meet with Republican or Democratic leaders – like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner or incoming Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – to negotiate the way forward.

But Americans should know by now that such diplomacy isn’t a realistic expectation of this president.

Valerie Jarret, the president’s senior adviser and Sharpton’s direct line of communication to the White House, called Obama’s boy to meet him Wednesday to discuss “working together with the GOP.” So while fellow Democrats wallowed in self-pity and Republicans celebrated their decisive victory, Sharpton took a break from his usual rants, the Hill reported.

Exactly what experience qualifies Sharpton as a consultant to the president? His keen race relations skills? His long track record for inciting riots? His many racist tirades? His finesse at name-calling?

The truth is Sharpton is not only unqualified, no one takes him seriously. No one except Obama, who can’t be taken seriously, either.

So where did Sharpton go after his high-level meeting? To his favorite message machine, MSNBC. Luckily, that means only a few people were listening.


Hannah Bleau


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