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Fox Business, CNBC reporters get in UGLY, infantile Twitter blow-up: ‘. . . not just fat but dumb’

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Fox Business News senior correspondent Charles Gasparino got into a Twitter fight on Friday with Ron Insana, a CNBC contributor, that went nuclear in a matter of minutes.

It’s hard to imagine what Fox News chief Roger Ailes thinks of the brouhaha, which quickly devolved into juvenile name calling, with Gasparino calling his network rival Insana a “fat slob.” Nevertheless, the exchange is not a stellar moment for either man’s career.

It all began when Business Insider senior finance reporter Julia La Roche tweeted a new magazine ad featuring Gasparino, as seen here:

The tweet prompted Insana to respond with a seemingly innocuous tweet of his own. But there is clearly some history between the two men because Gasparino quickly replied: “GFY fat boy.”

Now that could mean “Get f*king real,” or “Go f*k yourself,” but either way, he ain’t whistling Dixie!

Who knew the world of finances could be so exciting? And it was just getting started, as the Fox Business News reporter appeared to have a lot of vented up angst just waiting for a reason to come out.

Here is more of the “fight,” as seen on Twitter:

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