Ferguson activists give police an unbelievable list of pre-riot demands

Photo from BearingArms.com

Photo from BearingArms.com

With a decision expected any time from the grand jury investigating the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, protesters in the slain teenager’s home town have presented authorities with a list of demands to govern the impending riot.

I kid you not.

Information leaked from the grand jury has indicated that evidence does not support civil rights charges being filed against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot Brown. Additional leaks suggest evidence shows that Wilson may have acted appropriately on the day he encountered Brown.

The list of demands, titled “Proposed Rules Of Engagement,” includes nineteen points and borders on being comical. One demand says there will be no “mass arrests.” Another states that police are expected to be “tolerant of more minor lawbreaking.”

The protests in Ferguson are now eerily reminiscent of Occupy Wall Street. Bearing Arms described protesters as “a coalition of race hustlers, Marxists, anarchists, cop-haters, and opportunistic thugs, who seek to capitalize on a smoldering mass hysteria.”

Not so much the local community any longer.

As expected, social media lit up as word of the “rules” filtered out. Here is a sampling on Twitter:

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300 thoughts on “Ferguson activists give police an unbelievable list of pre-riot demands

  1. johnson says:

    Those niggers are crazy if they expect their demands to be meet. Fu-k all of you black tirds.

  2. Law Picks says:

    This country is changing whether u conservatives like it or not. People will no longer stand being abused and killed in thw streets because they are so scared of the people they are supposed to out here SERVING AND PROTECTING. If you feel like all black kids are thugs then why would you join a police force in an area that is mostly black? How can you protect someone if you are soo scared of them that u must use deadly force on unarmed people? If youre that scared being a police officer isnt that job for u. Be a dentist or florist or something. I hate snakes, Im afraid of them deathly. So if I got a job as a zookeeper and everytime I got around the snakes I killed them because I was so afraid for my life. How long do you think Id be employed? And those are animals. These are people were talking about. With families and people who love them. I say indict this POS, let him do a good stint for criminally neglagent homicide and prohibit him from owning a gun when he gets out like all the other felons. Message sent and we can move on.

  3. mike says:

    I hurt myself laughing at this list. Does that mean I can get some of that free medical attention that are in the demands?

  4. Ronald R. Johnson says:

    It has been proved that Ferguson has more than their share of criminals who for some warped way of thinking believe they can order Police to allow Black People to break what ever law they want to break, so it seems it’s time to bring in the National Guard with plenty of live Ammo with orders to shoot all looters and or rioters on sight and with out any warning! Everykne knows it’s against thenkaw to riot sontheybwill be dojng it kmowing full well theybare breaking the law! If any out siders show up egging rioters on they should be given one warnkng to leave and if they don’t arrest them kn the spot and if they resist shoot them on the spot! Sharpton, Jackson, Jay Z, Spike Lee and all Black Panthers should be the first to watch for!

  5. Kim Rotter says:

    We cannot let government and agenda’s that are trying to divide Americans turn us against one another. The people who are in this country that are true patriots just want truth and actual liberty and justice for all. We must not let evil- doers divide and conquer us as a nation. Now more than ever we need to come together and educate one another and build strong families and networks to start with, building and strengthening our own communities and contributing to restoring our Nation. This is the time to UNITE! It’s not about race now. We are all Americans! First and foremost do not let your useful time be manipulated by powers that be that have none of our best interests at heart. It is up to us now, the people, proud Americans to turn this country back into what it was meant to be before big banking, corporatIons and pharmaceutical companies became more important than us, the citizens of this beautiful country. As I was reading through these comments I saw how easily we become distracted with some people’s well meaning comments. This does not help us UNITE. We must find common ground and come together if we are going to fight this ‘machine’ that has been created. We cannot be distracted by statistics that may or may not be true anymore. We need to demand more transparency as a whole in this nation and work at fighting the evildoers who are trying to enslave our people by dividing us. We are adults here. Let’s find that common ground and make our own change because obviously our government is no longer working for the people! God Bless America and our people. Help us to rise above issues that divide us so we are not conquered. Help us all to rise up and find our positive purpose and potential in this war on our freedom’s as we now see two million of our own imprisoned. It’s our turn our government is failing us. You say, what can I do??? We all have a purpose. We all have family and friends. Start there. Support local businesses, American made products, barter and trade. Most of all keep your families educated and aware that we are all important and we need one another to make a difference here.

  6. Fleendar the magnificent says:

    It would appear that the inmates are running the prison…

    How about this? When the Verdict is in? Those who are at home minding their own business will be fine. Those looting and rioting?- Lead poisoning.

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