CBS reporter asks loaded, insane question with a smirk that could anger a monk

With the Republican Party gaining control of both chambers of Congress in Tuesday’s sweeping midterm elections, Americans have hope for an improved atmosphere in Washington, D.C., that will allow government to address the challenges facing the country.

But, in case you missed it, a CBS reporter is having none of that.

The GOP regained control of the Senate and extended its majority in the House to the largest since at least 1946, but CBS reporter Nancy Cordes did her best to stir up discontent with a question she posed to House Speaker John Boehner at a Thursday press conference.

“Mr. Speaker, you have a new crop of conservatives coming into the House who have suggested, among other things, that women need to submit to the authority of their husbands, that Hillary Clinton is the Anti-Christ, and that the families of Sandy Hook victims should just ‘get over it,’” Cordes said. “So the ‘Hell No Caucus,’ as you’ve put it, is getting bigger.”

The look of disbelief on Boehner’s face as Cordes laid out the audacious question was priceless. But he didn’t bite, telling the reporter he took exception to the premise of her question.

But Cordes, with a smirk on her face reminiscent of CNN’s Carol Costello, took another swing at pitting the Speaker against his caucus.

“But on immigration, for example, you tried to act in the last Congress and your conservative members yanked you back,” she said.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Boehner replied. “Again, I would argue with the premise of the question. What held us back last year was a flood of kids coming to the border because of the actions that the president had already taken.”

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


184 thoughts on “CBS reporter asks loaded, insane question with a smirk that could anger a monk

  1. dikmeover says:

    Remember the president of commy broadcast news is married to a boitch who is deep in the obammy adm

  2. Randall Piernick says:

    Whenever a hateful demo Nazi loses an argument or the election all they can do is insult, name call and attack like a rabid swine!!!

  3. GirlIQ says:

    Get rid of Boehnor as Speaker!
    1) He can’t speak! We need someone who can articulate a strong message/argument.
    2) His actions appear to make him a softy on Obama and out of favor with American people.
    We need a fresh face and a Speaker who has conviction for America and can speak with strength and conviction.

    Get marble mouth out!!!

  4. Phil Cohen says:

    In a culture war, which we are in, propagandists masking as journalists are the infantry….. THE ARE NOT non-combatants.

    In previous wars, such as WWII…. industrial and munitions factories were militry targets, to win the war one destroys the enemy’s ability to fight.

    The only way the cultural civil war we find ourself in gets won is if the Leftist media is destroyed and dismantled.

  5. Gary says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. This woman is an embarrassment to real “Journalists” everywhere! (Not that many still exist, however.)

  6. rbblum says:

    CBS . . . MSNBC . . . Both have lost their souls and the standards of American journalism.

  7. Arden Hale says:

    News Flash liberal America you aren’t doing this crap this time around. Respond to them every time conservatives when they do this. Who said wives should submit to their husbands? Which senator, which representative when? Prove it. Hillary Clinton is not the anti Christ she is a bigot against conservative women whose prejudices are unacceptable. She participated in a presidency where she engaged in criminal behavior and supported her husband in using the powers of the presidency to protect himself from a sexual harassment suit which was wrong and arguably criminal. She bears partial responsibility for the Benghazi disaster and has participated in the Obama administration that violates the Constitution at will. In short, she’s evil and a criminal. The Sandy Hook victims don’t have to get over it. Keep guns out of the hands of liberals and people who have serious mental issues. Wait…that’s the same group. Just keep guns away from them and gun crime will evaporate. No one party created the immigration problem but Obama’s handling of it has inarguably been the worst of any president ever.

  8. woofpacker75 says:

    WHY work with the President??? HE LOST!!! HIS PARTY LOST!!! And YOU, young lady, should ALSO GET LOST!!!

    Next question…

  9. j_b_spence says:

    A “CBS Reporter”?? Does anybody in their right mind still watch CBS?
    Which one of their five viewers passed this on?

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