Obama commits U.S. military to border security efforts … but not in America

President Barack Obama committed U.S. military forces to border security Wednesday, calling it his “No. 1 focus.” Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking about the U.S. border with Mexico, […]

Diner asks waitress to recommend wine; gets surprise bill for $4,700

A New Jersey diner got a bigger bill than he expected after ordering wine with his meal. A hundred times bigger, to be precise. Joe Lentini, who […]

Bone-chilling Facebook picture is grieving Dad’s way of saving lives

Post by DrMike Gramps Stollings. The deadly drug world came to life in horrifying detail recently, when an Ohio father posted a Facebook video of his son’s […]

Eric Holder
Hotheaded Holder’s email mimics attitude toward America: ‘Kiss my ass’

Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder vented his anger over the Fast and Furious investigation, saying “some people can kiss my ass” if they believe he was too […]

Sleeping fisherman
Wake up Roman! It’s the big one!

Great fishermen always have their eyes on their next big catch, even when they’re just catching some shut-eye.

Leno rattles Fallon, makes awkward appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’

Jay Leno returned to his old stomping grounds Friday, making a somewhat awkward appearance on the “The Tonight Show,” now hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon. Except it […]

Guy dances with floor mop; roommate sneaks some great secret footage

Judging by his reaction when he spotted the camera, dancing gleefully with a floor mop isn’t something this guy wanted anyone to see. “The day after our […]

GOP lawmakers ask Twitter users for photos of vets: ‘The best of America’

With Veterans Day just a few days away — Tuesday, Nov. 11 — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy turned to Twitter on Friday to ask social media […]

He’s Obama’s ‘boy’; Sharpton invited to counsel Obama after election loss

Washed-up TV personality and professional race baiter Al Sharpton has been busy this week. After the Democrats’ embarrassing midterm defeat, President Obama’s go-to guy was summoned to […]

Utah Attempted Kidnapping
Dad wakes up to kidnapper carrying his 5-year old daughter out of house!

A Utah father awoke Friday to a nightmare: a man carrying his 5-year-old daughter across the lawn. The would-be kidnapper had been “roaming the neighborhood, checking their […]

Fox Business, CNBC reporters get in UGLY, infantile Twitter blow-up: ‘. . . not just fat but dumb’

Fox Business News senior correspondent Charles Gasparino got into a Twitter fight on Friday with Ron Insana, a CNBC contributor, that went nuclear in a matter of minutes. […]

Fox News cuts ties with Ben Carson after announcement of self-promotional video

In advance of the release of a self-promotional video, Fox News has cut ties with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, but it isn’t a bad thing. The nearly […]