Video blows us away! ‘This ain’t some podunk republic of Who Gives a S**t, this is America, damn it’

Matthew Continetti, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, has put together a “branding video” that is warming the hearts of freedom loving Americans.

Watch for yourself and see if you agree that this is one awesome video:

Titled “Sometimes Freedom Needs a Friend,” the robust video could be a harbinger of things to come, assuming a Hillary Clinton presidential run, as the former Secretary of State is featured several times.

“Where will you run when the darkness takes over,” a rugged narrator asked just before a video clip of Hillary announcing “I’m back” appears on the screen.

“This ain’t some podunk Republic of Who Gives a Shit, this is America, dammit. And sometimes, freedom needs a friend,” the video concludes.

Hell yeah!

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