Man feeds himself to giant anaconda for new reality show ‘Eaten Alive’

And you thought “Snakes on a Plane” was bad.

In what appears to be yet another attempt to prove that “reality television” is anything but, Discovery Channel will premiere a program in December which features a man being devoured by a giant anaconda.

The show is called “Eaten Alive,” and the title pretty much says it all.

“My name is Paul Rosolie. I’m about to be the first person that’s going to be eaten alive by an anaconda,” said the filmmaker featured in the program. “I don’t expect anyone to believe us. Until we show it.”

Rosolie will don a custom-made suit and cover himself in pigs’ blood before offering himself up as a sacrifice to the ratings gods in the form of a giant snake, according to ABC News.

“You have to go head-first,” Rosolie said in a promotional clip.

Good to know.

“Eaten Alive” is hardly Discovery Channel’s first foray into “shock” reality programming. The Channel airs “Naked and Afraid” — which, like “Eaten Alive,” is pretty much what it sounds like — and “Tethered” — ditto.

“Now that viewers are gravitating more toward scripted shows, they have to come up with something that’s really going to stand apart from the crowd and really generate a lot of buzz,” Kimberly Nordyke, deputy editor for The Hollywood Reporter, told ABC.

It appears to be working, as Discovery Channel claimed “double-digit viewership ratings increases for October 2014, compared with October 2013,” ABC reported.

The channel is hoping to continue that trend with “Eaten Alive,” which has reportedly already been filmed with — spoiler alert — no harm to man or beast.

“It’s gonna be a challenge,” Rosolie said in the clip.

But whether he meant his being eaten by an anaconda or viewers having to watch it happen to him is unclear.

Watch the ABC report here:

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