Bob Beckel flips off Jesse Watters during a heated on-air showdown

Fox News Channel’s “The Five” co-host Bob Beckel is cantankerous, if he’s anything.

Beckel doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to playing well with others, as seen Thursday when he flipped off co-host Jesse Watters, who was sitting in on the show for the day.

The crew was discussing the Democratic Party’s insistence on playing the race card, despite the GOP making strides in diversity in this week’s election, when Watters said it was a tactic to “scare” blacks to stay in the party.

“Anything that threatens the Democrat monopoly on the black vote threatens the entire power structure of the Democratic Party,” he said.

Not surprisingly, Beckel disagreed and he and Watters began going back and forth, talking over one another. As co-host Eric Bolling tried to reestablish order, an angry Beckel is seen on camera shooting Watters a bird.

beckel flip

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Tom Tillison


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