Army apologizes; reverses policy approving the use of word ‘Negro’

The U.S. Army has removed a regulation that allowed black soldiers to be referred to as “Haitian” or “Negro” in a edition to black or African-American, two […]

Sam Turner Touchdown
High School player penalized for pulling a ‘Tim Tebow’ gets national support

Student athlete Sam Turner scored a touchdown on Friday night for Fort Myers High School and knelt in prayer to celebrate. Subsequently Turner was handed a 15 […]

Polish Dog
How many ski-masked Polish policemen does it take to kill a suspect’s dog?

It’s hard to tell because instead of killing the suspect’s dog, these tough SWAT and undercover officers had the man tie his creature to a post. Why? […]

Lions and porcupines
Scoring one for the little guy, porcupine fends off pack of lions!

A pack of hungry lions is no match for this sharp-witted and sharply-quilled porcupine.

Sea lion
WATCH: Gregarious sea lion wants to party with people: pursues speedboat, hops aboard

No sticking with your own kind for this guy, who wants to be where the people are. Who knew a sea lion could swim that fast?

beacon 4
Video blows us away! ‘This ain’t some podunk republic of Who Gives a S**t, this is America, damn it’

Matthew Continetti, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, has put together a “branding video” that is warming the hearts of freedom loving Americans. Watch for yourself and […]

White House Chief of Staff: Washington will work better if this president has his way

A senior administration official said Thursday that the solution to fixing Washington is simple: let President Barack Obama have his way. “Is there one thing you can […]

Man feeds himself to giant anaconda for new reality show ‘Eaten Alive’

And you thought “Snakes on a Plane” was bad. In what appears to be yet another attempt to prove that “reality television” is anything but, Discovery Channel […]

marine free1
Too soon? Greta Van Susteren slammed for airing Tahmooressi’s painful interview

Healing or Hurtful? Greta Van Susteren has been hailed as a hero for focusing American consciousness on the fate of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, but fans are […]

Bearded Barney Frank: I Thought of Tea Party as ‘dumb animals’

Dumb is as dumb does. In referring to the Tea Party as “dumb animals,” former Dem Congressman Barney Frank set a new low for himself with his […]

Obama adviser’s midterm takeaway: Dems need to figure out how to talk to white people

While his party scrambles to get the license plate number of the truck that ran over them on Tuesday, Democratic strategist Bill Burton has figured out he problem. […]

Koch Brothers
‘Dear Koch Brothers, We Aren’t Going Anywhere’: New memo splits Dems

Democrats, led by outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, plan to continue the strategy of attacking the Koch brothers despite its failure in the midterms on Tuesday. […]