‘Real parents vote Repub’: Lib soap actress gets schooled when she tries to get political

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — especially if the woman is a leftist Democrat upset about her party’s historic losses Tuesday night.

One such woman is Nancy Lee Grahn, who has starred on ABC’s “General Hospital” since 1996.

The 56-year-old actress took to Twitter Tuesday night to call out non-voting Democrats with the class that only an enraged liberal can bring to the public square:

Grahn had a handful of supporters initially — if you have small hands:

For the record, initial counts indicate that voter turnout in Florida was higher this year than in the 2010 or 2006 midterm elections. Perhaps if Democrats had put up a candidate that didn’t have so many Floridians holding their noses, it would have been even higher.

Ah, yes. The subtle delicacy of her verbiage was the stuff of legends, wasn’t it? “Any parent who didn’t vote 4 Dem who r only ones fighting 4 clean air makes u a sh**ty parent.” Truly, she is the word maven of the left. Or maybe not.

Some on the right attempted to actually argue the actress’s point.

Others merely picked up on her language, no doubt impressed by the Welty-esque eloquence:

While still others preferred to engage with irony.

But should we even take this liberal’s 140-character rant seriously?

Trying to tell the difference between actual Democrat doctrine and parody can be challenging, even for professionals. As a rule of thumb, however, it’s best to assume leftists are serious.

Liberals are not known for their sense of humor.


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