Krauthammer: Midterms were a ‘nuclear explosion’; a ‘wall-to-wall’ shellacking


President Obama avoided the word at his news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the midterm elections, but conservative columnist and Fox analyst Charles Krauthammer made the most of it.

“Was this really a subtle result? Was this sort of complicated and nuanced? This was the worst wall-to-wall, national, unmistakable, unequivocal shellacking that you will ever see in a midterm election, and it happened on just about every level.”

It was, he said, a “nuclear explosion” of an election.

Krauthammer was incredulous at Obama’s implication that the election somehow lacked meaning because turnout was low – as it traditionally is in midterm elections.

A low turnout means a political party’s program lacks active support. And in American politics – which requires the consent of the governed – that amounts to rejection.

Obama is simply unwilling to admit it.

“This was a wall-to-wall rejection of Obama-ism and he pretended that this was an election that didn’t have a lot of meaning because two-thirds of the electorate didn’t show up,” Krauthammer said.

Check out Krauthammer’s take here.

It bears repeating.

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