Why Dems are afraid of first Republican black female congresswoman Mia Love

Their war on women went down in defeat Tuesday, but a Democrat Party that depends on the slavish support of black voters might be facing a new problem.

Now, Mia Love, an unapologetically conservative black woman has just been elected from one of the most conservative states in the country, is making history as the first black woman Republican elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

But that’s not what should really be scaring Dems. What’s really scary to the liberal mind is she knows what won her the race in Utah’s Fourth District.

“I wasn’t elected because of the color of my skin. I wasn’t elected because of my gender,” Love said during a CNN interview Wednesday morning.

“I was elected because of the solutions that I put at the table because I promised I would run a positive issues-oriented campaign and that’s what resonated.”

Refreshing, isn’t? That’s one thing that should be scaring Dems.

And how about her background? As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, she is the first Haitian-American to win a seat in Congress, besides serving as mayor of Saratoga Springs, a small town in central Utah.

Then there’s her outlook. As the product of an immigrant Mormon family, Love has an appreciation for the vital role of religious freedom in American politics, an appreciation that’s non-existent among Obama Democrats who think forcing elderly nuns to pay for abortion is an acceptable governing plan.

Finally, Love is persistent. The candidate who narrowly lost her 2012 campaign to a Democrat came back for another try and ultimately prevailed.

Now, Love joins South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the Republican senator from South Carolina whose win Tuesday made him a history maker in his own right.as the first black senator from the South from either party to be elected since Reconstruction.

She knows why she was elected, she’s got the background liberals dream of in their candidates and she believes in herself, her religion and her country.

“Right now, there is no balance in government. Washington has gotten too big, and people have gotten too small,” she said in that CNN interview.

“So we’ve got to start rolling up our sleeves and making sure we bring balance back to government.”

And she meant it. That’s what Dems are afraid of.

Check out her CNN interview here.


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