Video: Rove, Wallace in cowboy hats – ‘By this time of night you’re drunk or you have a sense of humor’

Cowboy C1

Megyn Kelly might have thought they looked “trippy,” but Fox News veteran Chris Wallace knows his audience.

After midnight on election night, the normally sober Wallace shook up Fox set with some Wild West garb for himself as well as uber GOP analyst Karl Rove and Dem strategist Joe Trippi.

“I know I look ridiculous, but I figure by this time of the evening either you’re drunk or you have a sense of humor,” Wallace said.

He was probably right about both for a lot of Fox viewers with a lot to celebrate: a Republican romp and national repudiation of President Obama in his last election as a sitting president.

“We are the Campaign Cowboys, so, we said we would do this, and we’ll do it,” Wallace said.

Cowboy B1

And they did – playing it straight for the few minutes of election analysis, with Karl Rove talking approval for the Keystone XL pipeline like he was in a suite on K Street and looking like he just stepped off the set of “Gunsmoke.”

Unfortunately for the Dems, a cowboy hat and a bandana just makes Joe Trippi look like the bad guy’s sidekick in B Western – and all the tax reform talk in the world ain’t gonna change that.

“Trippy” is the word.

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