Tom Brokaw’s embarrassing on-air snafu during MSNBC’s live election results

Ratings aside, it appears that former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw made an embarrassing oversight that came back to haunt him on live TV.

The venerable newsman was on MSNBC Tuesday evening discussing election returns and what to expect from a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate when suddenly an alarm was heard going off.

It took a moment, but finally Brokaw fessed up.

“Could that be me?” he asked as he reached in his pocket for his cell phone.

Being the consummate professional, Brokaw made light of the snafu when he pretended to answer the call and speak to his wife about picking up milk and feeding the dog.

Not a stellar moment in an otherwise storied career, but it’s debatable about what was more bewildering; that he forget to silence his phone or his choice of a ringer.

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