Obama’s response to Dem massacre: He does NOT feel repudiated

One quote from a White House aide sums up just how deeply in denial President Obama and his inner circle are, as liberal dreams crashed down around them Tuesday night.

“He doesn’t feel repudiated,” the aide told the New York Times.

He doesn’t? With an election that turned over control of the Senate to a party that’s spent six years trying to stop every big-government scheme he’s tried to push down the country’s throat, Obama ought to feel just a little repudiated. (Heck, even Chris Matthews was drilling his MSNBC panel about it.)

With an election that saw vocal, high-profile opponents like Govs. Rick Scott of Florida and Scott Walker in Wisconsin winning re-election over Democrat hack challengers, Obama ought to be ashamed.

With Republican governors taking over in deep blue states like Massachusetts, Maryland, and even the president’s own Illinois, he ought to feel humiliated, for God’s sake.

But don’t expect him to eat a lot of crow at the post-election news conference Wednesday afternoon. In the bunker, there’s no repudiation maybe, but in the world outside, it’s as clear as day.

Some posters pointed out Obama has been through a similar shellacking before — in the 2010 midterms — and stayed his mad leftist course anyway.

Well, heading into the final two years of a miserable presidency, as the lamest of lame ducks, with political opponents who despise him and friends who’ve deserted him, he’s going to find out soon.

Even in the bunker, the news will get through — possibly by pen or phone.



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