It was all too much for ‘pissant’ Chris Matthews; watch him SNAP!

Last night, embittered MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews loudly vented to N.J. Democrat Cory Booker in a purported interview that was nothing more than an angry diatribe.

“This pissant game of abusing the U.S. Senate to avoid doing anything, when is it going to stop?

“…When are you guys going to goose each other into getting something done instead of using tricks and rules of the Senate to make sure nothing looks good for anybody?” Matthews ranted.

After a backhanded compliment to Booker for being “clean,” Matthews further demeaned Congress saying the public’s attitude toward the United States Congress is “Doghouse.”

The public’s attitude toward Matthews’ outburst last night was no better:

The initial version of this story misidentified the person Matthews was shouting at as Cory Gardner instead of Cory Booker.

H/T: Tweets from Twitchy

Lonnie K. Martens


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