Car push fail
Hilarious FAIL: Pushing a car through a service bay

Some people have absolutely no situational awareness.  

Liberal Chick George Jefferson
Stupid Liberal Chick forgets which Jefferson founded the country

Is she for real? Liberal Chick says our founder, George Jefferson, would not be pleased with the Conservatives’ mid-term win. I’m not sure if she’s right — […]

Halloween Witch 2
Halloween Witch: Nasty little girl needs a lesson on the first amendment

A Christian preacher was out on the street during the Halloween celebrations in Salem, Massachusetts  when this shrill little witch of a child forgot she was addressing […]

Ben Carson clears another hurdle for White House run, changes party affiliation

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson took the one step absolutely necessary before he can contend for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination; he became a Republican. Carson, registered as […]

Why Dems are afraid of first Republican black female congresswoman Mia Love

Their war on women went down in defeat Tuesday, but a Democrat Party that depends on the slavish support of black voters might be facing a new […]

How ‘First Class Camouflage’ ice cream flavor is helping veterans

Baskin-Robbins found a clever and delicious way to honor United States veterans – camouflage ice cream. The flavor of the month in November is “First Class Camouflage.” […]

Obama diss
Obama hits back at Michael Jordan – He’s misinformed . . . should worry about his own lousy team

While Democratic lawmakers were taking a shellacking at the polls Tuesday and losing control of the U.S. Senate, President Barack Obama had more important things on his […]

Alabama voter jailed for open-carrying at polls

An Alabama voter was arrested Tuesday for bringing a Taurus .357 Magnum revolver to the ballot box. Open-carry activist Robert Kennedy Jr., voluntarily surrendered his weapon to […]

Harry Reid’s chief of staff blasts Obama over losses: ‘sometimes the messenger isn’t good’

It didn’t take long for Democrats to start pointing fingers over Tuesday’s loss of Senate control. Sen. Harry Reid’s chief of staff, David Krone, said the responsibility […]

Here comes the first clash for White House and new Republican majority

The clock is ticking. With Republican candidates unseating Senate Democrats who favored immigration reform Tuesday, and even liberal Oregon voters soundly rejecting a plan to grant drivers […]

Laura Ingraham looks for ‘sweet spot’: ‘This is the fury election’

Laura Ingraham may have summed up the 2014 midterm election perfectly on America’s Election Headquarters. “This is the fury election. Americans are furious,” she said. Watch the […]

Tom Brokaw’s embarrassing on-air snafu during MSNBC’s live election results

Ratings aside, it appears that former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw made an embarrassing oversight that came back to haunt him on live TV. The venerable newsman was […]