Watters’ World: The midterm elections edition – enjoy!

When swimming in the confusing world of Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters, though it is trite, there is only one appropriate phrase when you come up for air: “Come on, people!”

Waters was in Washington, D.C., on Monday to  interview a diverse pool of the electorate in advance of election day. The interviewees were an eclectic mix of race, gender and socioeconomic status. Waters spoke with willing would-be voters who shared their knowledge or, more correctly, their lack of knowledge about history, current events and election-day issues.

It was a muddy pool indeed.

A Miami woman was able to correctly identify Rick Scott as one of her state’s gubernatorial candidates, but flubbed the other, referring to Charlie Crist as Charlie “Christ.” She gleefully exclaimed “Yes – Got it!” after being able to successfully identify the number of U.S. senators as 100 … after her previous guesses of 50, 52, 54 and 60. When asked if President Obama is a lame duck, she replied “What do you mean, like, he’s not going to get re-elected?” Come on, woman!

A sarcastic construction worker from Virginia whose most common answer was, “I don’t know,” capped off his interview by defending himself.

“I’m doing something for the country, I’m building a scaffold on top of the Capitol building,”  he said.

While there is nothing wrong with working construction, a little basic knowledge about famous presidents and the identity of your state’s candidates is a good thing. Come on, man!

Watters’ interviews also  included a gentleman who was refusing to vote for “any man” because he is an “Earth citizen.” So are the rest of us! Come on, man!

Watters asked a Democrat what she thought was important in this election.

“Jobs,” the woman told him.

“Now, the Democrats have been in charge for quite some time. But things aren’t that great,” Watters said.

“Right,” the woman answered.

“Are you still going to vote for Democrats?” Watters asked.

“Well, I’ve always been a Democrat,” she replied.

Come on, woman!

On some occasions, ignorance is bliss. On election day, it is simply discouraging.

Come on, people

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Lonnie K. Martens


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