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Polish defense official: ‘I didn’t need the Beltway media to tell me who the real chickens*** is’

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Polish officials told a reporter last week that if Vladimir Putin attacks Poland, they have no confidence that President Barack Obama would lead NATO in its defense.

Business Insider published a report Thursday by counterintelligence expect John Schindler that cited two unnamed senior Polish officials, one in the Ministry of Defense and the other in the intelligence field, who expressed doubt that Obama would abide by NATO’s “Article 5.”

Article 5 is the section of the treaty in which NATO members pledge mutual support to any country attacked by another. In essence, it means that an attack against one member of NATO is an attack against all – if the signatories live up to the agreement.

Poland doubts that the United States under Obama would do so in the event of a Russian invasion of their country.

“Yesterday I spoke with a top Polish MoD official, a man of sober and strongly pro-American views whom I’ve known for years,” Schindler wrote. “Referring to this week’s needless White House crisis with Israel, another American ally who has doubts about the current administration, he noted, ‘I didn’t need the Beltway media to tell me who the real chickens— is.’”

“They really have no idea what they are doing, and we know it. You have no idea how many promises we’ve been given, even by the president himself, but there’s never any follow-up, it’s all talk,” the same official said.

“He thinks he’s on Oprah,” he suggested.

“Is it 1939 again? I don’t know, but I think Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain,” added a second senior official in the intelligence field.

Neville Chamberlain was the appeasement-minded British prime minister who, after Germany and Russia invaded Poland in 1939 and kicked off World War II, declared war only on Germany.

Schindler asked the defense official to predict whether Obama would come to Poland’s aid in the event of a Russian attack.

“I’d flip a coin,” the official said.


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