Man seeks woman with ex’s name so round-the world ticket isn’t a waste

What’s in a name?

Well, that depends. If your name is Elizabeth Gallagher and you hold a Canadian passport, it could be a three-week trip around the world.

Canadian 27-year-old Jordan Axani booked tickets for the Christmas vacation earlier this year for himself and his then-girlfriend.

Then-girlfriend. See the problem?

Axani still plans to make the trip, and he doesn’t want to see the second ticket wasted, according to The Independent.

“In March I booked a fairly wicked trip around the world for this Christmas for my ex and I. While our relationship has come to a close, I am still planning on going on the trip and she is not (naturally),” Axani wrote on Reddit.

“And because I hate the idea of a ticket around the world going to waste, I am looking for a Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher who could use the ticket.”

Jordan Axani 1The itinerary includes stops in Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok, and New Dehli between Dec. 21 and Jan. 8.

Axani claims not to be looking for a new girlfriend or a, ahem, traveling companion with benefits.

“I am not looking for anything in return, I am not looking for companionship, romance, drugs, a trade, or to take selfies with you in front the Christmas Market in Prague,” he wrote. “If you feel compelled to toss me a couple hundred bucks, great. Really the only thing I ask for is that you enjoy this trip and that it bring you happiness.”

At least one Elizabeth Gallagher has shown some interest in accompanying Axani:

“Hi, My name is Liz ( ELizabeth) Gallagher. I’m Canadian … But I’m old enough to be his Mom. If there’s no younger person to step up I’d have to say it would be interesting. My girls ( 25 and 23 ) tell me DO IT MOM! they wish now that they had my name. LOL”Jordan Axani 2

Axani called this response “awesome” and asked Gallagher 2.0 to contact him.

There seems to be no mention made of a Mr. Gallagher in her response, so who knows where this could lead? Surely, May-December romances have started in stranger ways.

None come to mind, but still.

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