Bill Clinton gets attention photo-bombing sad little girl; stick to the script, Slick Willie

Former President Bill Clinton receives a ridiculous amount of press coverage without trying, so his penchant for photo-bombing unsuspecting girls at political events is surprising at best, creepy at worst and most certainly not “First Husbandly.”

Clinton grabbed the headlines when he plastered himself in a sad-funny-ironic-pathetic photo-bomb with a little girl at a campaign stop in Texarkana, Arkansas on Sunday for Democratic Senator Mark Pryor. The girl, though young, may have been expressing her feelings about the Democrat’s chances for re-election today, as she clutched her Kindle and looked sad.


Clinton also famously photo-bombed singer Kelly Clarkson during President Barack Obama´s inauguration in January 2013. It’s not like he’s lacking for attention!

Not that Clinton has ever been beyond embarrassing his wife, but he should probably stick to the script and avoid this sort of silliness if he means to help Hillary in her expected Presidential campaign.

Feel free to caption Clinton’s goofy photo if you are clever . . . 

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