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Artwork brands Dem as ‘Poverty Pimp,’ and liberals want government to investigate!

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Posers who call themselves civil rights leaders are demanding an investigation to find out who’s behind posters popping up in California calling out Democrat representative Maxine Waters as a “Poverty Pimp” with dollar signs for eyes.

A “Poverty Pimp” poster in Waters’ district. (GotNews.com)

Waters, of course, is a veteran Southern California congresswoman and inveterate race-baiter, who staked her claim to national fame early in her congressional career when she defended the Rodney King rioters as engaged in a “spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice” and said the mobs who sacked neighborhood stores of sneakers, televisions and electronic games were “mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes … They are not crooks.”

In other words, she’s a nut.

And while the district she represents covering parts of southern Los Angeles, is poverty stricken, Waters herself maintains a mansion in Hancock Park, the affluent neighborhood built around a golf course in central L.A. The posters, which show the wrinkled Waters with inflamed eyes against a background of type that says “N—-s Betta Have My Money!” have been going on public display in the district and in the more upscale area around Waters’ mansion.

A poster in the affluent area where Waters owns a home.

“Civil rights leaders” are pretending to be outraged, tearing down the posters and demanding “fast track investigation” by the California Fair Political Practices Commission, according to radio station KNX 1070, a CBS station in Los Angeles.

“It’s vile, vicious, offensive and, yes, racist,” a whiner named Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, told the station.

Well, using the N-word in the background type was a bad move. Even allowing for the fact that it’s use is disgustingly common in black popular culture and even casual conversation (try getting through any rap song without hearing it) it’s not only offensive, it takes away from the actual point.

Waters has built a comfortable career peddling liberal policies that keep her constituents in poverty while living a lifestyle most people in her district could never dream of doing legally. Calling her — or any Democrat — a “Poverty Pimp” is not only accurate, it’s color blind.

Still, in the Obama Era, when any criticism of a black politician is automatically branded “racism” by libs and their media fellow travelers, it gave Hutchinson an opening.

“We’re highly offended, we’re disgusted by it,” Hutchinson told KNX. “We hope this is not the start of something that we’ll continue to see not only in politics, but beyond in Southern California.”

John Wood Jr., the Republican running against Waters – a doomed fight, but worthwhile anyway – said his campaign’s not behind the poster.

“All I can say is that, people have a right to free speech, but that I represent a fundamentally different brand of politics,” he said in a statement.

At the same time Hutchinson’s running to the authorities to investigate the Waters posters, he’s accusing whoever is putting them up of being cowardly.

“Whoever is doing this, don’t hide in the shadows. Don’t be anonymous. Don’t be a coward. Come forward,” said Hutchinson.

And be branded a “racist.”


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