Thirsty pilot drives plane down main street to get a drink at the bar


An unnamed man who taxied his light, wingless plane down a main street in the middle of the day and parked outside a pub is expected to be charged under the Criminal Code in Australia’s Pilbara region.

“I would assume there would be an offence under the Criminal Code that may fit the bill. I’m confident that he will be charged with something soon” said Sergeant Mark McKenzie

Though wingless and pedal-operated, the plane was considered dangerous because its propeller was operating and a wind gust could have caused instability, possibly causing a crash.

“Kids were coming home from school. It could have been very ugly. People think it was a bit of a laugh but it was very dangerous and we’re not very happy with it. It was a pretty stupid thing to do” scolded McKenzie.

Let this serve as a valuable lesson to all flightless, pedal-pushing, pub-crawling pilots considering a trip down main street in the near future.

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Lonnie K. Martens


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