James O’Keefe releases eye-popping video of how easy it is to commit voting fraud REPEATEDLY

This is what liberals are afraid of.

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas is striking deep into the organized voting fraud that plagues some American elections, with a video released Monday that shows how shockingly easy it is for almost anyone to cast an illegal ballot in states that don’t have voter ID laws.

In his latest salvo in the conservative cause, O’Keefe obtained a list of “inactive voters” from the state of North Carolina, that is, voters who haven’t voted in their previously known precincts because they’ve moved, died or some other reason.

There are about 700,000 such voters in North Carolina, which meant plenty of them were men about 30 years old – which meant O’Keefe could pass for one any of them.

Watch as he obtains ballots from apparently well-meaning, helpful election officials who have no idea they could be abetting a fraud against the very system they think they’re helping.

And imagine this scenario replicated in the 19 states that won’t be requiring photo identification this year (North Carolina does have a voter ID law, but it doesn’t take effect until 2016.)

It’s possible to commit voter fraud “on a massive scale,” O’Keefe says at the beginning of the video, then goes on to prove it at polling place after polling place, where only a pleasant demeanor and the offer of a signature gets him a precious ballot and the chance to exercise the American franchise.

“Only one [place] wanted to see ID, and they had to break the rules to do it,” O’Keefe says. “It’s amazing how easy it would be to fix the system.”

Remember this next time you Democrats talking about how racist it is to want a fair election.

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