Florida Democrat candidate released phony error-filled endorsement letter from Obama

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Screen grab from WFTV-TV

A Florida Democrat candidate, who’s running for local office, posted a phony endorsement letter from President Obama that was riddled with errors on his Facebook page.

Let that sink in for a minute. Wow.

The White House stationary, as well as Obama’s signature were forged.

Derrick Wallace, who is running for an Orange County Commission seat, spent the weekend trying to dodge WFTV-TV, the central Florida news station that uncovered the letter, dated October 27.

When they finally caught up with Wallace, he told reporters that he thought it was authentic and he paid no attention to the misspellings.

Here is how the endorsement reads, via  WFTV-TV.

“It was come to my attention that you are being accused of not supporting me and my campaigns. I have penned this note to all concerned that you fully supported me during my initial campaign and my re-election. You and your lovely wife Sharon were kind enough to house and accomadate my campaign volunteers in Orlando.”

“Good luck on your election. As you know, as the number one democrat of the Democratic Party, I do not get in the middle of campaigns between two democrats. However, let this note be my wink and node,”

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