Talk about un-balanced! Man attacks guy dressed as Fox News reporter for Halloween, shouting ‘I hate Fox News!’


Dressing up as a Fox News reporter for Halloween may have seemed like a creative idea, but little did a Santa Cruz man know it would result in his being violently assaulted.

There was nothing fair or balanced about Sean Kory, who shouted “I hate Fox News” before allegedly striking the victim with an aluminum tennis racket, San Jose Mercury News reported.

The attack happened on Friday during an annual parade held in downtown Santa Cruz. The unidentified “reporter” was carrying a prop microphone, which Kory grabbed before making an obscene gesture and then hitting him with the racket.

The man was not hurt, but did call police, who caught up with the suspect.

The Fox News-hater was arrested and booked into the county jail, according to Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark.

Friday’s incident was eerily similar to an attack on a real Fox reporter in New York several years ago during the Occupy Wall Street protest, Breitbart News reported. In that case, a protester threatened to stab a local Fox reporter after grabbing his microphone.

It was not clear why Kory had a tennis racket, but it’s safe to say this is one match where he failed to hold serve.

Perhaps Fox News host Bill O’Reilly will send producer Jesse Watters to Santa Cruz next year during Halloween for an exciting “Watters World” feature — you don’t have to pay me for the ideal, Bill O!

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