Leading national Dem made up a story about getting a divorce; Can you guess why?

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If Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Israel applied the same ingenuity to his career as he’s accused of applying to his sex life, he may be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The congressman from New York faked a split with his wife so he could sleep around without causing a scandal, according to the New York Post.

Israel, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, announced in 2011 that he was divorcing his wife, acting state Supreme Court Justice Marlene Budd. But he never actually filed for a legal separation, the Post reported.

The couple is still together.

“He made a statement so that he could be free to cavort without raising eyebrows,” a source close to the couple told the Post, saying Israel rebuffed his wife’s efforts to reconcile by requiring her to agree that he could “sleep with other women.”

Israel did not answer the Post’s inquiries as to why he never filed for divorce. He has declined to discuss the matter, the Post reported.

An unnamed spokeswoman for Israel denied the accusations, chalking them up to politics.

“These allegations are untrue, laughable at best and clearly a political stunt two days before an election,” she said.

The divorce story may not have helped Israel’s sex life, but the Post suggested it may have helped him financially, saying the congressman “blamed the split for forcing a short sale on his Long Island home.” The sale erased “nearly $100,000 in mortgage debt,” and critics have accused him of getting special treatment, the Post reported.

Coincidentally, or not, Israel has penned a novel that will be released in December. “The Global War on Morris” is a fictitious story about a pharmaceutical salesman who is “seduced by a lonely, lovesick receptionist,” according to the Post.

It’s enough to make you to wonder where he may have gotten the inspiration.

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