Judge Jeanine nails what Ronald Reagan understood – and ‘Kumbaya’ Obama never will

Judge Jeanine Pirro nailed the essential blindness of American foreign policy in the Obama Era on Saturday night, and in words so simple even a child could understand it.

In her “Opening Statement” to “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Pirro recapped President Obama’s pitiful approach to Islamic terrorism, beginning with his famed (or infamous) speech in Cairo back in 2009 up to the springtime release of five top terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for an Army sergeant suspected of desertion and the current rampage by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

(Really, it’s a record any American liberal should be ashamed of – but that’s not an emotion they’re familiar with.)

Other American presidents have been faced with greater challenges, Pirro said, including Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush. But Ronald Reagan faced the greatest of the all in the Soviet Union and made clear he would never back down in the face of an “evil empire” – and the country he led wouldn’t either.

Then she summed it up.

“Let me make this simple,” Pirro concluded, as though talking to a 5-year-old. “WE are good, THEY are bad. Your job, Mr. President, is to fight EVIL.

“If you want to engage in ‘Kumbaya politics,’ do it on your own time!”

Check out Pirro’s statement here, via YouTube.

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