‘ISIS on Shark Tank’ sketch brings down heat on ‘SNL’; Biting comedy? Or did it just bite?

The “Saturday Night Live” crew kicked up a storm on Saturday with a sketch spoofing the “Shark Tank” investment show featuring pitchmen for the Islamic State looking cor moneybags willing to “invest in crushing the West.

The terrorist front guys – guest host Chris Rock and SNL staffer Kyle Mooney – did their best to sell a gang that started “as a small perversion of Islam” that has since grown into a “multinational brand,” but the sharks weren’t biting , and the audience wasn’t laughing.

Mass murder, it seems might be over the line – even for late night American comedy. (But seriously, it would have helped if the lines had been funnier.)

As shark Mark Cuban (played by Taran Killam) put it, “Genocidal regimes are a very tricky business. I’ve been burned before. For that reason, I’m out.”

The “SNL” writers might be having the same conversation the next time ISIS comes up.

This being America, and this being “Saturday Night Live’s” audience. The skit had its defenders.

But one viewer spoke for most when he predicted the fallout.  


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