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‘Dumbest title this year!’ Bill Clinton did WHAT to Kay Hagan? And does Hillary know?

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A Politico story about Democrat efforts to keep the Senate featured the kind of headline that makes for a very bad day on copy desks everywhere – and keep tongues wagging everywhere else.

The story described how former President Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail for Sen. Kay Hagan, who is struggling to retain her seat representing North Carolina, with Clinton banging the usual Democrat drum – the “war on women” when it comes to equal pay (a non-issue), education (which Democrats are dismal at), and the minimum wageon “women’s issues.”

It was all standard issue stuff for the last days of a campaign – or the first days of a campaign. But it was Politico’s headline that caused the stir:

No matter what happens with the Senate after Tuesday’s vote, the reaction to the headline alone will make it one of the best-remembered stories of 2014. For better or for worse.

Well, strictly speaking, that’s not exactly happened with Monica.

Apparently not. In fact, some thought the senator’s wardrobe seemed particularly apt for the occasion. (Though a beret might have helped.)

But some thought that was exactly the point. Was there a conspiracy afoot?

Especially since the headline stayed active on the site long after the chatter began.

Well, conspiracy or no conspiracy, the awkward headline — and the reaction to it — proves an adage as old as the daily press in this country:

It takes a dirty mind to put out a clean newspaper.  And it always will.



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