Photo of ISIS making baby kick a ‘severed head’ is a sick new level of disturbing


The atrocities committed by Islamic State militants are becoming legendary, but if the latest photo is accurate, the terrorists are only growing bolder, and more gruesome in their tactics.

In a photo published by The Daily Mail, a man identified as a father and avid Islamic State supporter held a young toddler who appeared to be trying to kick a severed head. The Mail story said the head was several days old and beginning to rot.

The photo shows the father with a big smile on his face as he helped the toddler.

Photo Source Daily Mail

It’s hard to imagine how Islamic State terrorists believe such images are helpful to their cause, but they seem to relish in shocking the world with their barbaric actions.

Children in Syria and Iraq are being exposed to so many horrific acts that they appear to be almost numb to it all. In the photo below, also published by The Mail, for example, a Syrian rebel’s decapitated head rested in his own lap, but the kids nearby seemed oblivious to the macabre spectacle.

Photo Source Daily Mail

These scenes played out in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is controlled by the Islamic State, according to the Mail, which said it found the photos on social media. The photos could not be independently authenticated.

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