MSNBC admits not showing viral catcall video because only black men were in clip

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had no problem admitting to his audience that his network chose not to play the recent mega-viral video of a woman getting catcalls throughout New York City because she was white and the men bothering her in the chosen sample clip were black.

Well, that about sums up how MSNBC covers-up covers the news.

Watch the host of “All In” proudly explain:

Hayes finally reported on the video on Friday, saying:

“There’s also been a very interesting and important critique of the racial politics of the video, something I noticed right away and actually that was the reason we didn’t show it on the show the first time around because it shows a white woman walking around New York city being approached mostly by men of color who are featured most prominently in the video.”

Rob Bliss, who posted the video on behalf of the anti-street-harassment group Hollaback!, told CNN:

During the 10 hours captured on video, there were 108 instances of street harassment, of which he had 30 to 40 scenes with good enough quality for him to consider. He whittled that down to 20 scenes in the one minute and 57 second video. It’s difficult to distinguish that about six of the men were white because the faces were blurred, Bliss said.
“We have 18 scenes where someone is visible and on camera, and two of the scenes ate up half of the run time” of the video, he said. “And yes, those two men were not white.

“We knew this wasn’t going to be an accurate representation,” Bliss added. “For example, there are no Asian men, but that doesn’t mean that Asian men don’t do this, too.”

“First, we regret the unintended racial bias in the editing of the video that over represents men of color,” Hollaback! said in a statement released Tuesday. “Although we appreciate Rob’s support, we are committed to showing the complete picture. It is our hope and intention that this video will be the start of a series to demonstrate that the type of harassment we’re concerned about is directed toward women of all races and ethnicities and conducted by an equally diverse population of men.”

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