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Military group to sue college over prayers at a mandatory 911 memorial service

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University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia has come under fire in the ongoing war on Christianity.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is suing the school, accusing it of holding a 9/11 memorial service that invoked the “Christian God,” according to the online student newspaper, Vanguard Dahlonega.

“MRFF was notified that at the UNG Corps of Cadets 9/11 mandatory memorial service, an invocation was issued invoking the Christian god, religious messages were included during the body of the service, and a benediction was rendered again to the monotheistic patriarchal god of choice of the Catholic Campus Ministry,” the foundation wrote to university President Bonita Jacobs in a letter the newspaper posted on its website. “This was not an optional religious formation.”

The invocation, the letter said, violated the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

In her response Jacobs said the Student Government Association, not the Corps of Cadets, sponsored the event.

A Christian law firm defended the school in a statement to Campus Reform.

“Simply hearing another pray burdens no one,” Brett Harvey of the Alliance Defending Freedom said. “Limiting the way a person is able to pray suppresses religious freedom. True freedom permits a prayer giver to choose for themselves how to pray, while permitting those to hear it the liberty to agree, disagree, or disregard.”

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