Don’t try to rob a store when Coors Light guy is delivering beer!

A beer delivery man and a grandmother took down a would-be robber Tuesday at an Enid, Okla., convenience store.

2014-11-01 BPR convenience store 1The 14-year-old suspect told the driver, Brock Nulph of Pope Beer Distributing, that he’d been suspended from school. But that didn’t explain his choice of clothing.

“When he turned around, he had the sweatshirt, the mask and everything on him,” the store clerk, Kristi Shiemann, told KFOR.

While Nulph worked in the coolers, the juvenile hovered near the counter, apparently waiting for other customers to leave the store, according to surveillance video aired by KFOR.

“I said ‘What do you need? You need to go back outside or take that stuff off your face. You can’t be in here like that,’” Shiemann said. “I was thinking, why you just standing there?”

When the other patrons left, the youth made his move. But he failed to surprise Shiemann, a spry grandmother.

“I’m all like, ‘Get back, get back,’ ’cause I seen him coming, and I decided to get on the counter like this, and I’m like, ‘No, no, man, stop,’” Shiemann told KFOR, demonstrating how she brandished a shocking stick at the suspect.

Video showed Shiemann leaping down from the counter to seek help from “the Coors guy” as he stacked beer in the coolers.

After Shiemann got his attention, Nulph tackled the suspect, throwing him to the ground. He then held the youth down with a knee in his back as he searched him for weapons, the video shows.

“He had a stick wrapped up, looking like a gun,” Nulph said, adding that the assailant said he was 14 years old. “He just looked like a kid when I yanked everything off.”

The suspect was charged with armed robbery, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of tobacco.

Nulph, meanwhile, is being hailed a hero by at least one Enid resident.

“I love you, Brock!” Shiemann said. “You’re my hero for life! Muah!”

Of course, it’s probably not the first time Nulph has heard such sentiments. He does, after all, deliver beer for a living.

Watch the report, with surveillance video, here, via KFOR:

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