Airhead actress reminds country: Vote Dem Tuesday, or risk death

One Hollywood celebrity had a subtle reminder about Tuesday’s midterm elections for American voters: vote Democrat or die.

In a pair of Tweets Saturday, Golden Globe-nominated actress Ellen Barkin said that the difference between voting Democrat or Republican “will be a matter of life and death.”

Barkin, best known for her starring roles in “The Big Easy,” “Sea of Love,” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” was also featured in the short-lived television series “The New Normal” before embarking on her apparent new career as a leftist political pundit on Twitter.

In her tweets, she also expressed her incomprehension that half the country would vote for the GOP.

So, Democrats are “not much better” than Republicans, but they’ll let you live, whereas a vote for GOP is the kiss of death.

Seems legit.

At least some of her followers seemed to think so.

Wait … what? Wouldn’t that be true, at least in the abstract, of literally anyone on the planet?

There’s a campaign slogan for you. “Vote Democrat! Our entire party is not a bunch of sh*tbags from hell!”

Earlier, Barkin had offered this piece of reasoned political discourse:

Which in turn gave rise to this trifecta of liberal geniuses:

Tip to anti-liberal artist Sabo: Cerberus was said to have had three heads.

Of course, not everyone on Twitter is a Barkin fan, at least when it comes to her political thoughts:

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Okay, Ellen. That’s enough. Run along back to Hollywood now and share your political insights with your friends there.

The adults have voting to do.

George Upper

George Upper is a U.S. Army special operations veteran, an academic, a poet, and an MBA who started writing political news and commentary when people stopped listening to his rants in person.


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