Chris Christie Soprano
‘Sit down, shut up!’ Does ‘channeling Tony Soprano’ hurts Chris Christie or add to his appeal?

There are two relative certainties when it comes to presidential elections nowadays: one is that the outcome is likely to hang on the cult of personality, and […]

Hillary faces room full of empty seats, hecklers at ticketed Dem rally

Hillary Clinton must be asking herself what would happen if you threw a party and nobody came? Despite an invitation by the Maryland Democratic Party to welcome […]

‘Chickensh*t to bullsh*t’: Susan Rice gets called out on delusional Israel tweets

Who better to come out strong in defense of the indefensible? Susan Rice had twitter users calling big-time BS on her delusional tweets Thursday. Let’s start with […]

Hillary Clinton SF
Define desperate: Hillary says mammograms in jeopardy if Republican Joni Ernst wins

Hillary Clinton just gave her future opponent another early Christmas gift. On the heels of her supremely ignorant conclusion that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs, she […]

Bob Cortes in Florida House District 30 offers GOP best chance to take back a seat
Florida Five: Cortes poised to win one back for conservatives, Political flyer does the unthinkable

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Bob Cortes in Florida House District 30 offers GOP best chance to take back a seat – […]

Voting flyer
Political flyer does the unthinkable; calls out residents that don’t vote – by name

An unusual political flyer mailed in Orange County has people fuming over its contents – it’s calling out people who don’t vote. “Don’t throw Away Your Vote,” […]

Vote No on 2 ad
Amendment 2 opponents launch final pitch to defeat legalizing ‘pot smoking’

The Vote No on 2 campaign released a new ad Thursday touting the numerous groups who have endorsed their effort to defeat the constitutional amendment to legalize […]

Sen. Landrieu’s bombshell slam on the South: Calls southern voters racist and sexist days before election

Democrats are grasping at straws to maintain power. With her poll numbers falling by the day and her senate seat slipping away La. Sen. Mary Landrieu pulled […]

Staying the course: Obama security adviser says we had to leave Iraq to ‘find a way back’

This is how Dems plan ahead. Then-Senator John Kerry said in 2004 that he actually did vote for the $87 billion before he voted against it. Then-Speaker […]

Suck-ups and ‘Kool Aid drinkers’ surrounding Obama, lib pundit complains

The New York Times surmised Wednesday that President Obama could shake up his administration in the near future, even if they are suck-ups and Kool-Aid drinkers as […]

Peanuts world series
Petition to change the words to ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ drives fans nuts!

Buy me some apples and healthy snacks? Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a couple to the World Series and asked them to pose as the parents of a […]

flash gordon
Not even a Flash Gordon ray gun can get by those eagle eyes at the TSA

Fear not, air travelers. If you were worried about a 1950s superhero hijacking your airplane, the TSA has, once again, leaped deftly to your defense. On a […]