Satanic coloring book, fact sheets up for review in Fla. schools to counter Bible distribution

Schoolchildren in one Florida county may soon have the opportunity to connect the dots to form an inverted pentagram or solve a maze to find the fabled Lovecraftian “Book of the Dead.”

The Satanic Temple has submitted a coloring book and two “fact sheets” to Orange County schools for review. If approved, the group will hand them out to students in January, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The materials are under review by legal staff and no timeline has been set for a decision, district council Woody Rodriquez told the Sentinel.

In the book, children can color pictures of students performing Satanic rituals “to dispel fear and ignorance,” decode a secret message that reads “Audi Preces Meas: Satana Blessed Be,” and solve a maze that leads to the Necronomicon, the fictional “Book of the Dead” first described by writer H.P. Lovecraft in 1924’s “The Hound” and later popularized in such movies as Bruce Campbell’s “Evil Dead” trilogy.

coloring book 3The district’s policy for the distribution of religious literature is currently under review.

“We definitely, definitely will not be distributing those materials until we have a work session on that issue,” School Board Chair Bill Sublette told the Sentinel on Tuesday.

The coloring book was submitted after a judge ruled against the Freedom From Religion Foundation in a lawsuit aimed at stopping distribution of religious literature in public schools, Fox News said.

A Bible distribution in January by World Changers of Florida sparked the FFRF’s suit.

“To be sure, if our materials are consistent with their standards, they can’t simply deny our literature because of its religious viewpoint. If the open forum for distribution goes forward, The Satanic Temple will be there,” a spokesman calling himself Lucien Greaves told the Sentinel.

Here are a couple of pages from the coloring book:

coloring book

coloring book 1

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