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Political flyer does the unthinkable; calls out residents that don’t vote – by name

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An unusual political flyer mailed in Orange County has people fuming over its contents – it’s calling out people who don’t vote.

“Don’t throw Away Your Vote,” the flyer says on one side. The other side reads, “Every year thousands of your neighbors fail to vote. We think it’s too important. This year we are providing the names of your neighbors and their voting record.”

Orange County resident Sonia Flores told CBS affiliate WKMG that the flyer goes too far, listing names, addresses and whether the person voted in 2010 or 2012, or if they’ve voted yet this year.

“It’s my privacy whether I vote or not,” she said.

People have contacted the Orange County Supervisor of Elections to complain, but have been told the information is public record.

“State law states that the voter registration list is a public record, so anybody can come in and buy a voter list,” Bill Cowles told WKMG.

The disclaimer on the flyer says, “Sponsored by Citizens for a Better Florida, Inc.,” a group that shares the same address as the Florida Association of Realtors and has received over $800,000 in contributions from them, according to WKMG.

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